Biography of an enlightened master

Biography of Guruji Sundar, the enlightened master of our times

Guruji Sundar, the enlightened master, at Kedarnath

Guruji Sundar at Kedarnath

An enlightened master is a person who realized his true self or true “I” or the Aathman. After realizing his true self, he comes down from his state of being to help others realize their true self. An enlightened master has many keys to immortality. Be it the key of devotion or that of meditation, an enlightened master guides a disciple towards wisdom.

Simply doing nothing, but merely being in the presence of an enlightened master and serving him wholeheartedly will give a disciple the keys to eternity.

The relationship between master and a disciple is very special. Unconditional love and compassion flow from the master to the disciple. Being utterly receptive to the master, unconditional love and devotion arises out of the disciple. This relationship can never be equaled.

Guruji’s quote

Real love always happens between a master and disciple,
love consumes both the Guru and the sishya and in the end only pure love remains as an entity.

Take your time to read the biography of an enlightened master, who was born like any one of us, but realized his true self by virtue of his sincere sadhana and blessings from the eternal saints in Jeeva Samadhi. Guruji inspires all of us, that we too can become enlightened despite living a normal life.

Early Life:

Guruji Sundar was born during 1965 in Chennai on a Wednesday at 5 am. Guruji Sundar was born as the sixth and the youngest child to Shri Thangaraj and Smt. Suguna Thangaraj. He was born in Chennai Naval Hospital in Periamet, Chennai, India. His father was working in railways and mother in telephones and were a middle class family. Guruji had 3 elder sisters and 2 elder brothers. His second elder brother died at the age of 3. Since Guruji was born after the demise of their second son, Guruji was naturally loved more by his parents and was the darling of the family. Guruji started going to school only by the age of 6 as during those days there was the first standard (grade) straight away without any kindergarten system. Till the fourth standard Guruji used to always obtain 3rd rank in school. During His fourth standard Guruji’s family shifted their residence from Periamet to Adambakkam (This happened during the year 1973). Subsequently Guruji completed his 12th standard during 1982 and then bachelor’s degree in physics during the year 1985.

Guruji’s Spiritual Entry and Spiritual Life

During 1986 Guruji used to visit Saibaba temple in Guindy. Guruji used tell us that without knowing meditation, sitting there in solitude for half an hour or so gave so much of relief to Guruji and made him feel lighter. During this period only Guruji’s friend Ramjothi introduced Guruji to his friend Chandar Manohar. Chandar Manohar was the person who took Guruji to his Guru Yogi Thiruvasar ayya (who was a disciple of Vethathiri Maharishi) and introduced Guruji to him. In the meantime, Guruji went along with his friend to Kanchipuram and had a darshan of the major temples there.

Then Guruji went to Sankara mutt to have a darshan of Maha Periyava Chandrasekerendra Saraswati, the pontiff of Sankara Mutt. Once Kanchi Periyava glanced at Guruji with his deep penetrative eyes, Guruji immediately felt that all his sins were burnt by that glance.

Subsequently Guruji went along his friend to have a darshan of Yogi Thiruvasar aiya and obtained Siva dheeksha (initiation) from him. After the initiation, Guruji did not take meditation seriously and did not meditate. One more friend of Guruji by the same name Sundaramurthy, also obtained initiation from Yogi Thiruvasar. He started telling a lot of occult experiences when he meditated in Ajna chakra. This stirred a deep interest in Guruji. Guruji started to take meditation seriously. Then Guruji also started to witness a lot of occult experiences. This made Guruji to do deep meditation. Yogi Thiruvasar normally advised all learners of meditation, only to meditate for a few minutes. However, for Guruji he did not say anything and allowed him to meditate for long hours as he saw the thirst in Guruji. Thus Guruji got involved in hours of meditation. Guruji’s visit to Saibaba temple continued although Guruji went as a serious meditator and started to receive a lot of Siva Anubhava (divine experiences). At this time, Guruji realized that there were very few people who could understand the experiences of Guruji. At this time, Guruji’s friendship increased with sadhakas who were doing meditation already like Chandar Manohar, Rajan, Arumugam and Srinivasan. Guruji slowly started to perform intense sadhana. Guruji’s inner fire was so intense that he started to meditate for at least 8 hours a day.

With this kind of a spiritual drive, Guruji found it difficult to find a place that is conducive for meditation apart from his home and Saibaba temple. Sai baba temple opens during early mornings and late evenings. Guruji used to wait at the Saibaba temple gate before the temple opens and used to come out of the temple only at the closing time of the temple. During the day time, Guruji used to travel in local trains from the starting station till the ending station back and forth and meditate at the train unnoticed. Our Guruji used to quote the example of a rocket. A rocket can escape the force of gravitation only when it travels at escape velocity. Similarly a seeker can reach the truth only if he has a similar kind of velocity to break the never ending chain of karmas. Thus, the local train was his day time temple. Guruji’s divine intoxication was so much that he lived in a state of madness, mad with divinity.

From 1986 – 1989 Guruji lived for meditation. Guruji did not go to job, but his job was meditation, meditation and meditation only. During 1989 Guruji attended a test and interview in Government’s top financial institution and got a job there. For a sincere seeker, existence always charts the life basis the meditation. Likewise Guruji’s job was in such a manner that Guruji’s meditation and thirst did not wane but started to wax more. In this period, Guruji obtained a profound experience in Marundheeswarar temple, Thiruvanmiyur which altered his perception towards ancient temples and jeeva samadhis. Ever since, he started meditating in Jeeva Samadhis Guruji’s spiritual growth took quantum leaps.

His visit to Narayana Theertha swamigal jeeva Samadhi in Thirupoonthuruthi and experiences obtained there took Guruji to the “point of no return”. By divine indication and consent, Guruji got married during 1992. His marriage did not deter his sadhanas, but only increased the quality of the sadhanas. During 1993 Guruji chanced to visit Gurulinga Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi temple.

The alive temple was managed by Sakunthala Ammaiyar who looked after the temple for more than 30 years by that time. She was the grand daughter of Vasulingam who was a devotee of the saint. Sakunthala Ammaiyar(we used to call her ayah – which means grand mother) single handedly was doing seva to the saint’s Jeeva Samadhi. She used to take care of all the temple needs herself. She seldom used to enter outsiders. However she allowed Guruji along with fellow seekers and did not say anything. Slowly, our Guruji started to spend long hours in meditation. During this time Guruji’s growth took quantum leaps.

When our Guruji witnessed his first taste of enlightenment, it was Gurulinga Swamigal who helped our Guruji to digest his experience of enlightenment.

After Enlightenment

Guruji at Badrinath, Ved Vyas Mandir

When our Guruji visited Gurulinga Swamigal initially, the temple was very small. Guruji felt that the temple needed a renovation. When Mahan Sri Gurulinga Swamigal was giving so much to Guruji, Guruji slowly started involving himself in all the activities of the temple, including conducting Gurupooja. Ayah had felt that she had a successor in Guruji and felt very relieved. By this time, the flowering in Guruji started to emit fragrance and a few prople started to observe the profound transformation in Guruji . Some of them became his disciples. Thus Guruji’s stream of disciples increased. Guruji started to help them in their path of enlightenment by taking them to several Jeeva Samadhi shrines and to all places of pilgrimage around India. Guruji’s Thiruppani to Gurulinga Swamigal was also in full swing. Guruji with his stream of disciples and other devotees of swami managed to construct a big gopuram atop the shrine of swami. Subsequently Guruji performed consecration on 31-1-1999. Guruji’s visit to Jeeva Samadhis increased. Guruji started to do thiruppani to other saints’ samadhis also.

Narayana theerthar’s 7 disciples’ Samadhi were in an utter state of neglect and Guruji re-constructed their samadhis so that they did not disappear. Guruji performed thiruppani and kumbabhishekam to saints like Thadikara swami, Kulandaivel swami, Sanyasi subedar, Gangadhara Navalar and Nirathisaianandar, all their samadhis being in different locations in Chennai.

Mission and vision of an enlightened master

An enlightened master's mission

Guruji’s Mission

Guruji understood that his purpose of His birth was to bring out the importance of Jeeva Samadhi shrines to the outer world and to guide people of this world towards enlightenment.

He commenced Aathman Awareness Centre during the year 2002 to fulfill this mission.

Guruji compassionately decided to help others evolve in their journey towards self realization and guide the seekers of truth step by step. Guruji’s compassion brought a lot of seekers towards him, who became his first line of disciples. After a few years, Guruji decided to help out all of us full time. Hence, He retired from his job in the top financial institution during 2013 to fully involve in the center’s activities and to help the humanity to awaken from the dream of maya.

Guruji has created a lot of meditation courses to help seekers of truth move towards enlightenment. The main course being A-cube in which He gives the qualified seeker, a first taste of enlightenment. He has imparted the course to qualified select disciples and seekers of truth.

Guruji’s future vision is to create a spiritual database containing all the intricacies of meditation, bhakthi and other¬† paths.

In fact, Guruji is a very ardent bhaktha of Goddess Kamakshi and he had traversed in the path of bhakthi as well.  He also formed Arul Gnana Peetam to help bhakthas in bhakthi maarga to reach the other shore.

Guruji had visited a lot of pilgrimage places all around India and Nepal like Chardham, Varanasi, Pandharpur, Rameshwaram and Amarnath. He also went to all the four Kumbamelas and unraveled a lot of secrets. He has started to pour all these secrets to disciples, seekers and learners.

The Ganges is flowing from Gangotri. Let us all be benefited by this Ganges called as Guruji Sundar.

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