Blessings Received









Balaji – Disciple

I am Balaji and have been fortunate to be a disciple of Guruji. What ever Guruji has bestowed on me cannot be written in a short manner and hence, yours humbly has expressed only a fraction of the whole.

In fact, my household name is Balaji and I have been with Guruji since my childhood. Existence had made me live in a house just opposite to Guruji’s home when I was 4 years old. That was the greatest blessing that I could receive at that time. From my childhood, I had a close affinity with Guruji and Guruji’s home. Those times itself, the big guava tree in Guruji’s home attracted me. From my childhood I used to call Guruji as Anna(big brother) and still I call the same. Coming to Guruji’s home was like coming to a paradise for me despite my ignorance about Guruji’s true nature. In the later years, I started to learn about Guruji’s deep spiritual quest. Even those days I clearly remember that Guruji always used to go to temples and holy cities like Kanchipuram, Thiruvannamalai, Tanjore. Whenever I do not see him at home, I used to check with his parents or sisters about his whereabouts and almost every time I got the same answer that He had gone to temples. This created a deep inspiration in me. Why does he go there ? What is in it for him ? What is he seeking and searching for ? What does he get there ? these were questions which deposited in the bottom of my being then itself.

I personally observed that the trees and plants in his home had an welcoming aura around them and was indicating something else apart from the flowers that had blossomed all around his home.(I knew much later that they were indirectly indicating his own blossoming into a Saint slowly) .

In my childhood, I have tasted many of the sweet fruits from the Guava and Chickoo trees which had indicated then itself indirectly that I would be tasting Guruji’s being himself in future.
Those days, only Guruji’s home had a TV and I used to watch India vs Australia cricket match at 0330 AM. For this, I used to seek permission from my parents to stay at Guruji’s home. Even today, my family and close relatives know his home as “Anna Home” or Akka Home.

I had an opportunity to stay at his home at night even during my childhood.

I have always liked the food at Guruji’s home which was utterly delicious. For a person like me who came out of a poor family, Guruji’s home was like a palace.
I still remember playing pranks at my home just to make a visit and stay at Guruji’s home.

Existence had its own plans for the next few years. As we were living in rented accommodation, given my family background, we had to shift from one house to the other.
So I had moved out of regular touch with Guruji’s family. During these days, I used to visit Guruji’s home occasionally not frequently. Even then, unknowingly my spiritual quest continued in other forms. I joined Satya Sai Balvikas and started learning slokas, bhajans, human values etc and was quenching my deep thirst. I used to go to devotees home at 330 AM in the morning (when Nagar Sangeeth – singing devotional songs in the streets to spread positive vibration during Brahma Muhurtha, usually started at 0400). At times, I have gone so early that I used to wake them up and even remind them that it was their turn that day. They were looking at me at awe and I remember them telling me that “You are a very blessed child”. I have to state one thing here. My seeking and devotion was so total. I had the blessing of getting several prizes at that age. I desperately tried to become a student of Satya Sai Institute at Puttaparthi as I wanted to be with Sai Baba as student. I thought that my faith in him was unshakeable and will bear fruits. To my despair, I did not get the admission and failed at the last stage (after interview). I thought that it was the darkest phase of my life and I was a big sinner of having lost an opportunity to be with Baba.

How ignorant I was .. just to later realize that everything was so well planned by the almighty existence to move me back to Guruji who was so lively, loving, compassionate and very next to my door.

“No need to seek far lands, the sought is so closely within our reach. Existence has its own way of preparing a disciple and bringing to an enlightened master”

When I re-turned to Guruji and slowly transformed in to a disciple, I understood from Guruji’s fellow seekers and friends that Guruji used to tell about me that “There is very good boy called Balaji. He will come to me in the future and prosper well in meditation”

It was at my age of 18 that existence brought me back to Guruji after the demise of my father in its own unique way. I would say my second and the real innings started here.







Babu – Disciple


I am Babu and I have been in the grace of Guruji for more than 25 years. By his grace, I have earned the unique privilege of serving him for my entire life. My work, my blessing, my seva has all become one. Guruji is my boss, Guruji is my teacher, Guruji is my master and Guruji is my only God. Once Guruji came in my life, I started to see many new things in sadhana. I learnt about the grace of saints. I learnt about the power of prayer. I learnt about the power of meditation. I learnt about the grace of Guruji. So many inner unspeakable experiences in meditation happened after Guruji entered my life.

When I met with a fatal accident in the earlier days, it was due to Guruji that I recovered quickly from multiple fractures.

I have so much enjoyed in the presence of Guruji. I have always felt fresh and rejuvenated even after driving for more than 15-20 hours in car in the presence of Guruji.

My marriage happened only by the grace of Guruji. Guruji chose my life partner for me.

More than that, Guruji blessed me with a unique child after 7 years of married life in spite of doctors telling that child birth is not possible.

My father came out of bad habits only by the grace of Guruji.

Guruji taught me to escape from the clutches of the mind. By Guruji’s divine grace, this soul was also shown the glimpse of the ultimate reality.

All this is happening only due to the grace of Guruji and nothing else.

I pray to our Guruji that many people become disciples of Guruji and realize their true self.

rajRajamanickam – Disciple

My name is Rajamanickam. I work in Symantec Inc in Chennai. I was suffering from chronic OCD. I was completely out of balance in life and my OCD affected my normalcy. I had fear and trauma to travel in bike and I have stood for hours with my bike fearfully thinking that whether I can go out or not. Not only that, I had so many traumas within me which were slowly taking the life out of me. However hard I explain, but people who had suffered / are suffering from a mental problem only can understand my heart which was wailing. But, may be due to my previous good karmas, I had interest in meditation from my earlier days.

Destiny brings a disciple to the right Guru. Destiny came in the form of my office colleague Lakshminarayanan. From him, I came to know about AAC and Guruji. Initially I learnt meditation in the presence of Guruji and subsequently I took part in the depression tackling meditation programme under the guidance of Guruji. Guruji with His divine grace removed so many negative entities which were resident within me.

Slowly and slowly without my knowledge I was coming out of my depression. In a few months’ time, without tablets I had completely come out my chronic OCD and I did not stop there. Since, I had tasted the essence of divinity under Guruji’s guidance, I learnt A-CUBE also and glimpsed the ultimate reality, the live emptiness within me.

Looking back, I could not believe what I was and what I am now. I have heard about miracles. I only knew them as stories. But it has happened silently even without my notice in my life.  

Adding to that, because of Guruji, I had not only came out my vicious cycle of karmas but was bestowed with the vision of ultimate reality.

I can’t thank Guruji for what he has given to me because what I feel cannot be contained in a small word thank you. All the members of the sabai were also so helpful in guiding me towards Guruji and helping me to transform in to Guruji’s student and disciple.

Though in the medical world, OCD is defined as a syndrome or disorder, in the spiritual realm it has a different cause. For Mental problems, medicine is not the solution but meditation is the solution. I invite all to learn meditation from Guruji Sundar Shakthi peetam and get rid of all insanity in you.

Learn meditation, but learn it from a realized Guru. Only then you will know the value of it. I realize the value and therefore I am able to say this with conviction and aplomb.

I pray to Guruji and almighty existence for everyone to live a healthy, sane and blissful life.



Gopinath – Disciple

This is Gopinath writing this after spending quality time in divine meditation session with Guruji. I am working as Associate Director, in CTS (a renowned IT firm) in Chennai. From my childhood days I was very good in academics. After doing my masters degree, I subsequently got a good job in an IT firm and subsequently took off and got many abroad assignments. I never stopped in my career and was one pointed for my success. However, my health took a different turn and when I was in US, I had developed an un-curable disease which is called as Multiple Sclerosis. Ever since I got this, my life and career took a back beat. I had so many problems in my personal life also. My family was essentially spiritual and we had learnt so many meditation from several Gurus and was actively involved in seva and bhakthi. Me and my wife also went to so many Gurus and fell at their feet and cried for mercy but to no avail. I was suffering from such chronic health problem which I am not even able to explain.

In the meantime, my brother had recently visited AAC and Guruji Sundar and learnt meditation. He also recommended me to learn meditation and I also started to learn kundalini mediation from Guruji’s disciples. Intially I could not sense any chakra but slowly I was able to feel a throbbing liveliness in my ajna and saharsrara chakra. I regularly and sincerely started to practice meditation techniques of Guruji.

My karma and my family’s spiritual lineage and my ancestors’ blessings had taken me to Guruji but it was Guruji’s grace which actually made me experience spiritual changes. As the time rolled on, I started to learn more meditation techniques like 9 chakra meditation, chakra cleansing, ATS and finally A-CUBE.

When I received A-CUBE, I had felt an intense liveliness in my anahata chakra which I had never experienced before. Much more than that, I never have realized that the ever chattering mind could ever stop. But, I am able to experience complete stoppage of thoughts many times.

From MS(Multiple Sclersis) to a completely live person, I have seen a thorough change in health and balance in life. I feel that I have become more young and lively and now I am able to concentrate in my work fully perfectly realizing that work is not life but life is much more than that. Not only me, even my wife knows it and she gets the direction of life only from Guruji. Guruji also helped her to come out of her chronic back problem.

In order to know life, you have to come to the feet of a realized master. I do not worry about my growth in meditation also, because I know for sure that Guruji is there for me to guide and help me and my family.