Guruji’s Pointers to Self-realization

Guruji’s Pointers to Self-Realization

Guruji Sundar, the self-realized master

Guruji Sundar, the self-realized master

  1. People with purity of heart only can perceive the truth.
  2. Some people even though they may be sinners basically they may have some inborn qualities in them like they would never hide the truth that they are sinners such type of people when they get in to meditation, they have more chances of reaching the truth than the ordinary so called good people.
  3. We are not all alone, everywhere so many bodiless Aathman exist.
  4. Bodiless aathman with good characters will always come to our help.
  5. Our forefathers and relatives, some of them may still be floating and waiting for a womb will always come to our rescue. Sometimes they can make many things happen without our knowing. So always pray to god, saints, forefathers and foregone relatives.
  6. We do not even have the thagudhi(qualification) to utter God’s name.
  7. God is everywhere, this is what everybody says but we don’t know how to contact him.
  8. The meeting will always happen inside the heart. Only after years of experience one comes to know that god is everywhere. In fact, we are all players of stage set in the background of god. We however of sheer stupidity think that we are masters of our life. No unfortunately many people come to know that they have wasted their life in searching for small things. People always make mistakes, but they never learn from mistakes.
  9. I AM the truth
  10. Truth always liberates.
  11. Truth can’t be said, but it can be indicated.
  12. Truth is everywhere, but you don’t know how to look at it.
  13. Even when I look at you, I am looking at the truth only.
  14. To know truth, one must sacrifice one’s self
  15. Everyone has to find their own truth.
  16. Your truth and my truth are not different.
  17. Some people take many lives to find their truth
  18. Some people take many births to find their truth.
  19. “To seek truth, first one must find a guru”, who must have tasted the truth, digested the truth and become the truth.
  20. Truth is not very far it’s just inside you. In fact, it is not inside you, It is you.
  21. Truth at the first time of contact will look like death; you need great courage to meet the truth.
  22. Many people when coming to encounter truth for the first time in their life may go mad because it is like pulling the earth underneath your feet. So you need a real master who can help you at the time of first encounter.
  23. Real master will always push you further into the truth.
  24. Lukewarm people will never make it to the truth.
  25. Man with a great potency, when he turns all his energy-flows inside he can easily reach the truth.
  26. To find the truth, first one has to cross the point of NO RETURN stage, without that it is not possible to find the truth.
  27. God always make sure that the meditator is ready to risk his life; will die for it, then only He will reveal the truth.
  28. Many people go up to the point of NO RETURN stage and out of fear they come back.
  29. Truth can be uttered only in silence
  30. Truth can’t be said, but a real master can lead you to the truth.
  31. Once a person comes to know the truth, he will never die. In other words, he comes to know that “Death is the Ultimate Lie”. Death is an invention by the foolish people. In fact no one is going to die. In fact “The fangs of Death” can never touch you.
  32. Truth is everywhere. It surrounds you from all sides, inside and outside also. But we somehow manage to escape from the truth.
  33. Truth can never lead you towards happiness, but it will make you aware of the fact that you are IT.

Door to Moksha

  1. I am standing at the door; I am lingering at the door hoping against hoping that at least some fortunate ones will recognize my homecoming.
  2. Those who want to open their heart to me I want to help them as much as I can. I want to pour all my experiences on them so that they can also quickly climb the ladder of moksha.
  3. I am going to open all my doors of occult experiences.
  4. Life is very short. But the journey is very long, tiresome and arduous; the path is not a readymade one. Everyone has to create their own path and travel on it.
  5. AAC is only an invitation to partake in my vision of self-realization.
  6. AAC is only a means to unburden my esoteric knowledge.
  7. AAC is not for everyone; it is being created only for hard-core seekers of truth. I have no time to waste it on casual seekers and beginners.