Guruji Darshan and Guru Kripa

Guruji Sundar, the saint living in the garb of a Guru

Darshan of Guruji will happen at 4 – 6 pm during Saturdays and Sundays after calling up and fixing proper appointment. People who are interested to receive Guruji’s blessings can contact us through the contact page and mention your details in the description.

Visitors will be taught the meditation technique “Meditation on the Existence” in order to understand the difference in the surrounding space and to relate to Guruji before meeting Guruji.

As Guruji is in a state of deep silence, the visitors also are requested to maintain silence and communicate anything to His close disciples.

Also, visitors will be allowed for silent darshan only for few minutes and receive His blessings rest of the time, visitors will be requested to spend their time in meditation.