Mahan Sri Gangadhara Navalar Swamigal

Guruji Sundar, the living enlightened master performing Kumbabhishekam to Gangadhara Navalar Jeeva Samadhi temple

Mahan Sri Gangadhara Navalar, one of the greatest saints who lived in chennai during 19th century


The Jeeva Samadhi of Gangadhara Navalar is special because He is one of the very few saints who took proper permission from the then british Government to enter in to samadhi. He entered in to Jeeva Samadhi during the year 1930. He had created a plan Himself to construct a temple atop His Jeeva Samadhi.


When Guruji came to know about Swami’s samadhi in Chetpet Harrington road during 1994-1995, Guruji went searching for it, the whereabouts of the samadhi of the great saint.

What Guruji found was to everybody’s shock, a washing stone which was called as the saint’s samadhi.

Worser than this is the fact that swamiji’s samadhi was used as a parking garage…!!!!

Guruji was shell-shocked and was deeply saddened to see such a great saint’s samadhi maintained in such a lowly state and immediately started to take steps to renovate the temple.

Guruji lived the life of an ordinary office going householder like you and me and we can imagine how rare is for a person to think despite managing family, normal chores and spiritual life to renovate the samadhi of a saint…!!!

Everytime Guruji started to take steps, suddenly the steps got halted due to some reason or the other….!!!

First time, when Guruji tried to build a temple on top of the samadhi of the saint, the descendants of the saint started demanding to build the Jayavinayagar temple first which Swamiji created and then build His Samadhi temple.

The temple of lord Ganesha, which Swamiji Himself built, was though small in structure, had an immense layer of stillness and depth and omkara sound when you enter the sanctum of the temple!!!

Guruji told to the descendants that the Saint’s Samadhi is much more important as without Gangadhara Desikar’s saintly bhakthi and instilling of divinity, Jaya Vinayagar temple would not have come in to existence.

But, the descendants were not willing!!!

So first time it got halted during 1996-97.

Subsequently during 1999, when Guruji conducted Puja for the second time to build Jeeva Samadhi temple, there was a big peepal tree growing on top of the samadhi, which Swamigal Himself felt as a hindrance silently indicated Guruji to cut the tree. Once the tree was cut, the descendants started objecting that cutting Peepal tree was a sin!!!

Guruji was compassionately smiling and He left way for the almighty saint/existence to take His decision.

… ……………More to come soon…………………….