Sanyasi Subedar

He was the disciple of Kulandaivel swamigal who sat in Samadhi near Kulandaivel swami. When Guruji was doing thiruppani to Kulandaivel swamigal, no one knew the name of the disciple who took Samadhi. One day Guruji told to his disciples to ask the name of the saint while starting meditation. After meditation, One of Guruji’s disciples told that He had earnestly requested the saint in meditation and that the name came from the saint itself. It was

“Anjaneyulu known as Sanyasi Subedar”

During the thiruppani lot of locals told that there was a big snake which drove everybody from the vicinity. But it was not visible to any of the people doing thiruppani (good eyes).

One day when Guruji entered in to meditation, he felt the presence of a divine being. The divine being was none other than Sanyasi subedar. He told that he had taken the form of a snake to protect the divine Samadhi. Guruji felt a deep sadness emanating from Sanyasi subedar just exclaiming as to “how many difficulties he had surmounted while protecting the samadhi”.

When the kumbabhishekam of Kulandaivel swamigal happened, on the same day the kumbabhishekam of the disciple also happened. The Samadhi used to be very powerful with the divine presence of the disciple of the saint.

Later when the temple was razed, and rebuilt, a shivalingam has been installed by Guruji on top of the Samadhi of disciple.

Nearing the Samadhi, one seems to hear from the disciple. “Wait for the good times”