Mahan Sri Thadikara Swamigal

Enlightened master, Guruji Sundar with Mahan Sri Thadikara Swamigal

For almost 10 years, Guruji was going through Thadikara Swami Koil street, Guruji used to feel a lingering fragrance and the presence of a saint in the vicinity. On the very same street, When Guruji enquired about the whereabouts of Swami, the people around did not seem to have an idea. Finally when the ordained divine moment arrived during the month of June in the year 2000, one person had told about a very old dilapidated temple in a slum within the street.

When Guruji went and saw the slum, there was a small temple with peepal roots around and within the temple, permeating through, a lot of rubbish just outside the temple, years of garbage dump all around Nandhi. The first word that Guruji told to  the disciples was (பட்சி பறந்து விட்டது) which means that the bird has flown away out of its home.

The next day Guruji went in to the temple, there was an old cycle which was parked in the temple, swarms of peepal bushes from the ceiling of the temple. All around the shivalingam were broken bricks here and there, making it impossible to sit in the precincts of the temple. Guruji along with a few disciples cleaned the shivalingam, took the bicycle out and did an abhishekam.

Then Guruji lit a lamp and sat in meditation there. Suddenly Guruji and his close disciples felt the presence of the astral body of the great saint like a silhouette approaching near and blessing Guruji. Guruji had experienced the towering presence of the great saint approaching Him. After the session, Guruji told to his disciples that such a great saint’s Samadhi should not be in this plight. As the temple was re-enriched by the presence of the saint coming upwards and nourishing the sanctum, Guruji knew that Swami will make all the moves through Guruji.

The moment had arrived. Though the sanctum sanctorum was intact, such a great saint’s temple was in a state of shambles. Guruji had decided to renovate and Thadikara Swami had given the green signal.

When Guruji told this to the nearby people,  a lot of people looked at Guruji and his team of few disciples with suspicion. Some of them even went to the extent of asking an agreement from Guruji that Guruji has come only to do seva to the temple and not claim any land of the temple or adjacent portion. Guruji clarified each and every one there that His only intention was to make the temple of the saint as a worshippable place.

Then started the thiruppani. Initially the rubbish around was cleared. This involved a lot of seva from Guruji and his disciples. So much rubbish was there which took months to be cleared. The sad part was that some syringes were found inside the sanctum indicating that at one point in time, the temple as used by miscreants of the society.  But the seva went with full vigour. The whole existence was along with the seva. Even the locals were impressed with the seva that 2 young lads by name Sathish and Kumar joined the seva and did total effort towards the divine cause. The neighbouring home people also did their part by offering tea during the time of seva. Trays of rubbish were carried disposed outside along the narrow lanes of Thadikara Swami.

Guruji and the existence in the form of Thadikara Swami was driving the seva in full throttle. Guruji approached a sthapathi (sculptor) named Moorthy. His father had already built the gopuram for Mahan Sri Gurulinga Swamigal. The sthapathi had agreed to renovate the temple. Then followed the removing of peepal trees, cementing the walls and renovating the gopuram. From a dull dilapidated temple, the temple has become fresh and new and the colors of the Gopuram became rich. Finally a statue made out of cement of Mahan Thadikara Swami was created and installed outside the temple. When doing the thiruppani, Guruji had seldom collecting any money from outsiders. Many times, Guruji did not have any money also, but still the thiruppani continued somehow. Lot of people always save for the future and hope to stabilize the future lives, but Guruji did not think that way and spent most of His income towards seva only. Many nights Guruji used to feel like He was sleeping in the temple only in the presence of Swamiji only and not at home. In the presence of swamiji when Guruji meditated, Guruji used to say the magnitude of depth in meditation used to be intense. We understood that it is due to the confluence of two mighty divine rivers.

Guruji says that what He did towards the temple was very little, but the magnitude of what He had got in return from the saint was immense. The finishing of thiruppani as Guruji explains is like a pregnant mother giving birth to a child.

Guruji with consent from the almighty Thadikara Swamigal had fixed the date of Kumbabhishekam as February 7, 2001. During the day prior Guruji stayed in the temple only and finally during 5 am, the grand moment arrived. Guruji performed the Kumbabhishekam, sprinkled the water on all the people around. At that peak moment Guruji shared the divine elixir by initiating the disciples in their own kalasams (sahasrar chakra). As the divine peaking moment went, disciples could feel that they were floating in the divine full void space along with Guruji and thadikara swamigal who were indeed the manifest of the divine fullness that permeates the entire universe.

“At that time one senior person who lived in the locality exclaimed, you had lit one lamp in the temple, but that is visible in the faces of the entire people all around who live in this area.”

Then the temple was in such a blossoming that the moment the seeker enters the vicinity, he could feel the energy overloading and the deep stillness and fragrance of the saint.

Guruji was continuing to visit the temple while the divine play of the saint continued. The existence was so much celebrating that when Guruji used to visit the temple, Swami used to come out his Samadhi and reveal his form. Guruji told that He has seen the face and the form of  the saint very clearly. Swamiji had taken Guruji to Vaikunta Loga as well and revealed to Guruji that He was an ardent devotee of Thirupathi Venkatesa Perumal.

After Kumbabhishekam, Everyone were asking to Guruji about the Gurupooja of Swamiji. Guruji sat in mediation silently for about 20 minutes, took a pen and started to write the below (translated).


My birth name was Viswanathan. I was born in Sivakasi in a Saiva Sivacharya family. I became enlightened at the age of 25. I sat in Samadhi at the age of 75 on chitra paurnami morning 9 am in the midst of drums beating and bells chiming. Till this date, have never approached any body for any kind of help or bhiksha. Everything was given by them on their own. I experienced so many troubles. Lot of hindrances were given by them. I was married. I had 2 children. Both of them died. Wife lived till the age of 50.


Guruji then announced to everybody that Gurupooja will be celebrated on Chitra Paurnami and till date it is continuing. Guruji told about Mahan Thadikara Swamigal in Vendhar TV (see video link in the website under visuals link).

Swami later revealed to Guruji that the contemporary saints during His period were Chengalvaraya Swamigal (Samadhi in Andhra Pradesh), Boothalinga swamigal and Boothakoti Swamigal.